Like a swan dive into your psyche, this in-depth approach reveals your Self to your self, assessing the core issues of your life. Beyond the penetrating self-awareness you may expect practical information and on-target strategies for dealing with the likely challenges along the path.

The Timed Chart

This includes preliminary work to establish or confirm your time of birth using original 'rectification' procedures, based on your physical appearance. With this insight there just isn't any hiding. It covers all your strengths, talents, long and short term learning lessons, your purpose and highest potential. It can detail your childhood, parents, partners, and co-workers and the relationship you are apt to have with each. It contains all that's necessary for serious counselling on career, health, relationships and spiritual issues. Furthermore, it can show the challenges you are currently facing, how long they are apt to continue, and a variety of coping strategies.

The Day Chart

Time of birth is not required for this consultation, which is a single session covering a synthesis of topics such as:

  • your natural impulses, motives, capabilities and talents, which may either blend harmoniously or create inner conflict
  • your mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns, which can generate happiness or misery, depending on how you play them.

Chart Comparisons

This involves the cross-mapping of two or more people's charts to look at the ins and outs of the relationships between/among them, the impact people have on each other, perhaps the 'sacred contract' between them. This works for all kinds of relationships, at any age and for family, social or business groups.


A good introduction to astrology, an exploration of your core solar/lunar polarity, your inner masculine and feminine, their distinct natures and the dance they do, all placed within the context of the celestial geometry, the big sky behind the natal chart.

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