Learning Without Tears
(Watkins Publishers, London 2008)


Initially written for parents as a guidebook to the territory of their children's minds, Learning Without Tears has become a favourite with grandparents, big sisters, camp counsellors, and anyone else attempting to teach a child anything at all.

Moreover, readers instantly recognise how handy this book is for uncovering the mental dynamics of other adults, their own parents, spouses, partners, friends, bosses, colleagues, etc. Easily accessible Tables reveal the learning styles of people born over the hundred year period from 1915 and 2014.

Learning Without Tears describes, with accuracy, clarity and subtlety, how our minds tick, how we each handle information, our individual learning requirements, modes of taking in new information, natural mental strengths, potential blind spots, etc. It explains naturally long vs. short term memories, preferences for electronic vs. paper information, prose vs. poetry. It details which minds need colour and visuals in order to learn, which minds benefit from traditional teaching methods and which are disadvantaged by the education authorities.

Learning Without Tears identifies the tension that can develop where different learning styles meet and how people can totally miss each other in conversation, even if they love each other very much. It is packed full of strategies and tips for building harmony, based on mutual respect, within the family or any other setting.

It helps to get people talking to each other again.

This book allows adults to set aside their normal baggage when approaching their children or each other and to celebrate mental difference as well as similarity.

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