People have been looking up at the starry night sky forever. We have observed, measured and pondered for some 6000 years, so far. Mankind's oldest database correlates the planets' positions above with events and circumstances on earth below.

This is astrology - Discover the down-to-earth benefits it can offer you, your family, your business, your society and our world - today.

The Mercury ModelTM

This ground-breaking development reveals each person's unique style of thinking, learning and communicating, together with special strengths and contributions.

Learning Without Tears
by Helyn Connerr, MSc
(Watkins Publishers, London, 2008)

Introducing the Mercury ModelTM, this book is 'the biggest step forward in communication since the invention of language'. It gets people talking to each other. Find out more .....

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Learning Without Tears
by Helyn Connerr
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